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1080 Poison Drop Leaves Two Sick

Two Reefton women who were caught in the bush as 1080 poison rained from the sky last summer are now both reporting ill health.

An official investigation into the incident has been reopened.

Sisters Gwen Gardner and Kathleen Bartlett were on Maori Gully Road, near Kokiri, having a picnic after checking out a property for sale, when a helicopter with a monsoon bucket flew overhead and dropped poisoned pellets around their vehicle. They were close by at the time.

The sisters say they felt ill within 40 minutes of the drop, but did not associate it with 1080 poisoning.

They remained in the area for several hours as they did not think it could have been 1080, partly because they say a sign was outdated, and the helicopter was following the line of a creek.

However, medical tests by the Reefton GP now show Mrs Bartlett’s liver is not functioning as it should, she suffers from nausea and tiredness, and coughs every night.

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Did you know New Zealand is the largest user of 1080 poison in the world, accounting for around 80% of it’s use? Scary stuff.

For more information check out Poisoning Paradise – Ecocide in New Zealand or visit Ban1080′s website

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