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8 Environmental Issues Faced by New Zealand

People often forget that what we do and how we utilize our resources impact the environment. We must understand our role in the maintenance of our environment and find the right solutions. We should protect the things we value and conserve them so our future generations can experience them too. We should think about the choices we make while using our resources and taking care of our environment. New Zealand has been working to create awareness about the environment, so today’s challenges should not prolong themselves to the next generations. Here are the nine environmental priority issues that need your attention today.

8 Environmental Issues Faced by New Zealand

Ecosystem under threat

Due to our careless attitude towards taking care of our environment, the biggest threat to us is the demolishment of our native plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem.

Degrading soil and water

Due to increased industrial plants and an increase in agriculture, the soil and water quality decreases rapidly. It is time to redefine what controlled farming should be like and improve our industrials plants with the right technology.

Urbanization is a threat

We may feel moving to a new location is a great idea, but when more and more people have the same idea, we are reducing our versatile land and biodiversity. Urbanization is eating the way our biodiversity slowly but at a threatening rate.

Polluted waterways

The farmers are experiencing the problem of polluted water in the farming areas that is killing the crops. The reason for the pollution of our waterways can be vast, but the effects narrow down to poor cultivation and degradation of agriculture.

Polluted urban areas

Increased traffic and poor waste management in urban areas are responsible for major pollution threats. Urban pollution is at an all-time high today due to the increased waste of our resources.

Changed water flows

Over the years, the water flows have changed their route, making huge disturbance to the freshwater ecosystem of New Zealand. The freshwater basins in our ecosystem are losing clean water at a rapid rate. Increased tourism in these areas is also a reason for the pollution of our freshwater.

Impact on our ocean environment

Increased pollution is also leading to damage to our ocean environment. Our fish industry is still using methods that leave a lot of waste in the oceans. It is dangerous for the existing species near our islands and also holds the risk of extinction of some valuable species.

Increased greenhouse gas emission

New Zealand is one of the top countries releasing greenhouse gas per person. It is affecting our environment and resulting in climate change. We can see some of the consequences in the regions of Aotearoa. If we continue to use our vehicles to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions at this rate, we will soon face numerous problems in our environment.

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