In less than twenty four hours, Heather du Plessis-Allan and Deborah Hill Cone have both highlighted how low the standards have been set to become a contributor for the NZ Herald.

Heather’s article, ‘It’s fair to compare Jacinda Ardern to Donald Trump’ was so poorly articulated that the only comparisons she could find were them both wanting to reduce immigration, and both being elected to power after receiving the minority of the votes. Strangely, there was no mention of the massive differences in age, sex, personality, background or beliefs, which upon comparing would reveal they are apples to oranges.

In her long-winded article, she spends most of her time pleading with NZME’s right-wing viewership that Labour’s sound policies such as banning new offshore oil drilling permits will destroy our country, and continues the cries that the election was stolen from National; a laughable prospect to those who actually understand how MMP works.

Is this one-sided rhetoric void of any facts what we now consider journalism? Or is this as Trump would put it, “fake news”?

Deborah Hill Cone follows this up with a #BREAKINGNEWS misandrist rant “Why does Clarke Gayford bug me?”, describing how our Prime Minister’s partner annoys her because he is into fishing, has an ‘e’ on the end of his name and looks confident in public appearances next to Ardern.

She said “there’s something about our First Bloke that keeps nagging me every time I see his cheerful face,” before claiming that by turning up as Ardern’s partner at formal occasions he is piggy backing on Ardern’s success. He’s already on television hosting a fishing show and seems to be doing pretty okay by himself.

Cone calls herself a feminist, yet proceeds to attack Gayford simply for being a successful man and a soon to be stay-at-home dad, which may help reveal why the number of people associating themselves with feminism is declining. Possibly Ms Cone is a tad jealous of other people’s success, while she’s stuck contributing to New Zealand’s fast declining tabloid?

It was great to see Clarke respond on Twitter comparing Hill Cone to a “bottom feeding fish”, which aptly describes not only her but also the NZ Herald she writes for. Clarke can publicly hold his own, and understands the power of humour when dealing with weak criticisms.

The NZ Herald decided to print these opinion pieces not only because they’re biased against Labour, but also because profits are plummeting. Succinctly put, they’re desperate.

With daily click-bait titles to articles that possess dizzied confusion and no real substance, it’s fair to say they’ve now officially become New Zealand’s main gutter tabloid media outlet, comparable to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Real investigative journalism is now as rare as hen’s teeth, and the only solution to change our current click-bait trajectory is to vote with each click you make online and boycott tabloid press such as the NZ Herald.


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Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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10 Responses

  1. elle

    Herald columnists wrote negative things about Trump which were patently false and taken straight from CNN,the writers of trashy news for Herald never travel far for stories, they reword other tabloids swamp news. the fake news tabloids in usa are losing readership and revenue ,nz herald obviously going same way,i glance at herald headlines sometime,then cancel the site.

  2. F Carlisle

    I found the whole article to be TOTALY truthful and to the point it was my feelings when I read the herald trash reporting scraping anything to create a no existing story

  3. Kiwi_Latino

    Didn’t Labour and Trump have the same views on the TPPA at some point?

  4. Anonymous

    Mostly yes. The comparison article was pretty incoherent.

    However this part is a little frustrating:
    “there was no mention of the massive differences in age, sex, personality, background or beliefs, which upon comparing would reveal they are apples to oranges.”

    God forbid we mostly compare policies, you know, the most important thing?
    I mean they have different hair colour AND height too, can you believe they left all that out?

    Gotta make sure to point out any missed opportunity to shove identity politics down our throats.

  5. Sam

    Fake News destroys for what? To appease small minded people and to get a so called journo his/her paycheque. Clarke Gayford was correct in saying what he did. Bottom feeders deserve to hooked on their own click bait and gutted out. Thanks for exposing perverted journos. Put the pressure on them let the media attrition begin.

  6. Anonymous

    I hate these pieces and find these writers a waste of space and an embarrassment to New Zealand. But your comments show a lack of understanding about how newsrooms work. I have been a newspaper columnist and a reporter. The Herald didn’t “decide to print these opinion pieces not only because they’re biased against Labour, but also because profits are plummeting. Succinctly put, they’re desperate”. The Herald doesn’t care what they write. Columnists are hired as contract suppliers and are then left to get on with it, with little to no interaction with the rest of the newsroom or the editors. Editors and managers barely look at the pieces – probably only a sub does. They certainly don’t talk to their contractors about their pieces, have any say, direct them or edit them in any way. It all falls on the columnist to back up what they’re saying. So yeah, it’s total dross, but it’s incorrect to say that the Herald was somehow directing this. They’ll print whatever their freelance columnists write.

    • lumpfish

      Your comments show a lack of understanding about how, um, anything works?… The paper / website printed it, willingly. So even if not technically then very much spiritually they are at least partly responsible for it, and believe that it qualifies as worthwhile publishing. You seem to be suggesting that this is not the case, when it clearly is. Also note the key issue here – it’s not the political inclination per se, but the *quality* of said article, which if we called it ‘abysmal’ would be insulting to abysses everywhere.

    • just a thought

      You mustn’t be very confident in what you’re saying if you’ve posted anonymously.


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