Peter Dunne this week apparently changed the medical cannabis laws, but somewhere in the hysteria we missed it.

Critically ill cancer patients can now finally go to the Ministry of Health rather than Peter Dunne for the very slim chance of being allowed to pay $1,300 a month to big-pharma for Sativex. What a win.

The late Helen Kelly would still now have to convince the Ministry of Health her terminal cancer justified access to the medicine, proving impossible last year even with the support of her specialist. Helen said just months before she passed “he’s described all the drugs I’m taking and he’s a senior oncologist and he said, ‘I’m seeking permission to give her cannabis’, but … they’re second-guessing him.”

Dunne believes only medical cannabis products registered as pharmaceuticals should be allowed to be sold in New Zealand. We disagree. California has had a legal medical cannabis program since 1994 where residents have the “legal right to obtain or grow, and use marijuana for medical purposes when recommended by a doctor”. Nowhere does it mention only pharmaceutical grade cannabis, therefore allowing hundreds of thousands of people access to medicine which works without fear of a criminal record or incarceration.

Dunne says “considerable misconceptions still remain” with medical cannabis. We agree. These misconceptions are mainly due to his complete lack of research into the 28 American states which now allow proper access to medical cannabis, or into how the quality of life for tens of thousands of New Zealanders would be improved with greater access.

He also states “there is absolutely no political appetite across parties for change”. Not so, considering the Green Party wants to legalise both medical and recreational cannabis while Labour has already said they will legalise medical cannabis.

Dunne finishes with a strong warning: “We need to be open to facilitating these possibilities, without falling prey to the emotionalism, misinformation and self-interest of those with a wider pro-cannabis agenda.”

76% of the 20,000 people who voted in a recent Stuff Poll voted in favour not only of legalising medical cannabis, but fully legalising recreational cannabis.

If you believe even slightly in democracy, please help New Zealand by voting for a party at least willing to fully legalise non-pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis on the 23rd of September.

It’s 2017, time for New Zealand to catch up with the rest of the world.

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