The first of two referendums on changing New Zealand’s flag could be held as early as next year, with a decision made in early 2016.

Prime Minister John Key used his address to the Returned Services Association (RSA) National Conference today, to lay out his case for a new Kiwi ensign.

Talking to media after the speech, he said he would be writing to the leaders of all other parties within four days to ask them to choose a representative to take part in a cross-party panel on the issue.

Key said he had received official advice that outlined a two-step referendum. It would see a public consultation period on possible designs.

The cross-party panel would likely pick the top three to five designs which would go to a referendum to pick the most preferred.

That would then be pitted against the current flag in a second referendum, where people would either vote to change or keep the status quo. 

That advice still had to be considered and voted on by committee, but Key said he hoped the first referendum could be held before the end of next year, with a final decision by April 2016.

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John Key believes we will all fall for the flag referendum red herring which has been brought up to keep people distracted and the mainstream media occupied for months while the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is being negotiated away from the public’s eye.

The last referendum we had on asset sales was called a ‘waste of money’ by Key, even though an overwhelming majority of over two-thirds voted against the sales. The result was ignored by National as unfortunately our referendums are non-binding. The fact that a majority can vote in a referendum and then have the result ignored just reiterates the point that we do not live in a healthy democracy.

Of course, Key will consider the change of flag a matter of national importance, unlike the looming corporate takeover deal (TPPA) which will have irreversible effects on New Zealand’s future as a sovereign nation.

As we have found in the past, it doesn’t matter what the people of New Zealand decide, our elected dictator always has the final say.

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2 Responses

  1. Bridgette McDonald

    TPPA will disenfranchise NZ voters via the ISDS.The TPPA is not in the interests of Kiwis

  2. Bob

    More of a dead herring than a red one. We all know he really just wants a blue flag with his smiling face flapping away on it – “at the end of the day” – flap flap flap – “it would be odd for us not to follow the US” down every hole. Go for it John! Now lets have a referendum on if we want to sell out to the multi nationals through TPPA, asset sales, having a Govt that has no social conscience, borrow heaps to make it look like we are doing really well, etc. Oppps, it looks like we already had one of those called the General Election. No need for the people to have a say in the flag, just some little National Party commitee can take care of that too!


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