New Zealand journalist Nicky Hager has teamed up with renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept to release the latest Edward Snowden revelations on the part New Zealand’s GCSB plays in the NSA run Five-Eyes Network.

It has today been revealed that since 2009 the GCSB has ramped up spying to “full take collection” of all data in the Pacific region, funnelling this back to the NSA base in Maryland, Washington DC to be interpreted by XKEYSCORE, the intelligence system used by NSA analysts to search through vast databases of information.

This morning, before any documents had even been released, John Key had already offered New Zealand a “guarantee” any revelations would be wrong. The fact the prime minister gave his word before he knew what was being released shows how desperate he is to keep the public misinformed. Nicky Hager later commented “I feel a bit sad for New Zealand that all we have is [the Prime Minister] saying, ‘Don’t take any notice, it’s wrong, don’t look at it, we don’t have to talk about it’. We can do better than that.”

Key has often referenced the Five-Eyes network to ‘the club’ which New Zealand is a member, and from the documents released is clearly just a pawn carrying out the task of helping the NSA spy on the world. The Pacific nations that are being spied on unfortunately rely heavily both economically and diplomatically on New Zealand, so it is no surprise to see no real anger from their leaders.

The GCSB was found guilty of spying on high profile Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom in 2013, yet no one faced any charges. It is still illegal for the GCSB to collect the communications of kiwis, yet Key somehow believes the spying of kiwis under the new revelations is completely legal under the GCSB Act, but refuses to say how. He also refuses to say why the intelligence claims are wrong, whether New Zealand uses XKEYSCORE or who we are actually spying on. Key also used had to drop the threat of terrorism in the mix as an excuse for the spying, although he is unwilling to elaborate on how ISIS or any other so called ‘terror groups’ have infiltrated the Pacific nations and require the bulk data collection currently taking place.

In 2013, Key said he and the head of GCSB would resign  if the spy agency was found to have conducted mass surveillance on kiwis. Now we know for a fact this mass surveillance on kiwis is taking place and with no one questioning the authenticity of the documents being presented, it is time for Key to follow his own words and step down as prime minister.

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  1. elle

    Why bother asking for responses if you don’t acknowledge them when we do respond ,saying its under consideration the following day is not on ,im quite sure you had other responses , no more responses from me .

  2. elle

    +John Key will push through TPP whatever we say , his bosses in America wont let him off the hook ,as to him saying he wouldn’t do anything to harm NZ, he already has in many many ways, when the TPP comes into being he will lie as he always does ,we need to get rid of him before He does sign TPP ,hes so arrogant he will do as he wants no matter if everyone in NZ is against it.


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