‘Drone strikes are justified – even if innocent civilians are mistakenly killed, Prime Minister John Key says.

“For the most part drone strikes have been an effective way of prosecuting people that are legitimate targets,” he said.

Key confirmed yesterday that intelligence collected by the Government Communications Security Bureau might be passed to the controversial US programme.’

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Our current Prime Minister John Key openly supports a drone strike program which according to a study performed by Stanford Law School and New York University’s School Of Law, shows that approximately 98% of all drone strike casualties are civilian.

So what he is saying is that he is fine with the idea that 98 civilians are murdered so that 2 high level targets can be killed, and that this is an effective way of prosecuting legitimate targets. Mothers. Children. Grandfathers. All murdered as a casualty of ‘war’.

That leads us to the fact that by Key saying drone strikes are justified even if innocent civilians are killed, he is directly supporting terrorism, and that by providing a terrorist state with intelligence collected by the GCSB knowing full well this information is being used in drone strikes, he has civilian blood on his hands.

Is this psychopath really the type of  person New Zealand wants representing us to the rest of the world?

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    • Nope

      Taking a single line out of a news article and flying off the handle with accusations.
      John Key saying SOME drone strikes are legitimate does not equal Terrorism.


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