New Zealand’s elected dictator, John Key, strikes with yet another move to undercut our democracy. By not allowing a parliamentary vote on whether we send troops to Iraq, our opposition parties which make up the democratic system we operate under do not get a chance to have a say on the big decisions our government is making. Key is trying to pass this off as not a big deal, but in reality the stakes could not be higher.

New Zealand’s leading war correspondent Jon Stephenson hit the nail on the head with his comment ‘wars are built on lies. You can’t have a war without lies – precisely because telling the public the truth isn’t likely to help you build the case when that war is unpalatable’.

A visit to grandma is all it takes to see how successful our mainstream media’s fear based propaganda has been at installing fear into the nation. With daily reports of ISIS beheadings and executions, and the hyped up threats they are heading to our shores next, it’s no surprise to see a new found public agreement on the need for intervention.

As if learning from an American propaganda manual, the government has for months been preparing the nation for the inevitable intervention. It seems the decision whether New Zealand will be involved in any action against ISIS was bargained as the ‘price of the club’; the Five-Eyes network to which Key ultimately serves. Avoiding parliamentary vote ensures no annoying snags for Key, while the mainstream media obliges and ignores the terrifying implications dictatorship-like sole decision making on important matters such as war has on our country.

John Key yesterday stated “Isil have demonstrated through its actions over the past year or so just how barbaric they are and New Zealanders would expect us to do something to try and stand up to them.” That’s a very interesting comment from our Prime Minsiter, and leaves us with the assumption we are entering the war based on morals or ethics. In that case, it’s time for a look at the bigger picture in regards to our foreign policy or lack thereof:

Well known American linguistic and philosopher Noam Chomsky calls the U.S the “world’s leading terrorist state”. Key is a hypocrite for supporting the world’s biggest terrorist state at the same time as encouraging military intervention against ISIS, which has grown as a direct result of the U.S war in Iraq and the power vacuum left when they withdrew troops.

Groups like ISIS play into American games of destabilisation. Keep areas under control, put in one dictator, give them weapons and then use their tyranny as an excuse for more war with the assistance of an obliging mainstream media. ISIS are not the reason for going into a war, but they are the natural progression of war. These people are religious fanatics, yes, but when do people turn to religious extremism? Is it when their country has been bombed for the past 50 years? Is it when they live in constant fear of drone strikes? Is it when they have watched their innocent family and friends be murdered? ISIS like all violent movements are born from fear, and it’s fear that they then use in retaliation. We are not excusing the actions of ISIS, but merely commenting on the need to understand how they have been shaped into the organisation they are today. 

If New Zealand wanted to keep our citizens safe both here and abroad, the first step would be to end any partnerships with America; the biggest war hungry corporation the world has ever known. It’s sad to see our nation that once stood up to America with a ban on nuclear ships in our waters so brainwashed by propaganda that we are blindly walking into wars which only serve American interests.

Currently there is no realistic threat of terrorist attack in New Zealand, although the government would like you to believe otherwise. Sending troops to Iraq, even in a non-combat role, places our country on the ISIS radar which could then possibly lead to a retaliation attack. If New Zealand is to stay out of harm’s way, we need to instead provide humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq who are caught in the American’s war, and keep boots off the ground. America started this whole mess, why should the New Zealand public be put at risk just so Key can please the leaders to which he serves?

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  1. Stephen Bolwell

    I didn’t know that New Zealand had a democracy. Did I miss something? Are Maori now voted in rather than having seats guaranteed in parliament? The question is, if New Zealand joins in – will anybody from outside of the country notice? Well, they might, because the country is not geared up to deal with terrorism and would be a soft target. It makes good sense to stay out of the conflict.

  2. Steve Kenny

    There is no mention in this article of the atrocities being committed in West Papua, our own back yard. Since the the UN sanctioned annexing of West Papua in 1963 the indigenous people have suffered more killings and experienced more genocide by the Indonesian regime than any of those statistics you mentioned. If there is a price of being on the UN Security Council then let it be keeping the peace in our own backyard instead of trudging off to clean up the USA mess in someones else’s neighbourhood. 400,000 deaths since 1963 and no one bats an eyelid, why? in our own back yard our Pacific brothers and sisters have been getting slaughtered and we worry about sending our troops off to the Middle East? WTF .
    If you dont know what I am talking about, wake up and get informed


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