John Key believes progress has been made on Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations and hopes to have it signed within the next six months. While we’ve been hearing talk of progress for the last 2 years, it is crucial now more than ever that people look into what is involved in the TPPA.

The consequences of signing this agreement are currently being conveniently ignored by our corporate mainstream media, with big trade and big business cheerleaders dominating most articles in the press. 

November last year saw over 10,000 people marching around the country against the TPPA, with many questioning the ethics of our government negotiating secret deals and not releasing details to the public. Fortunately for the public, Wikileaks in 2013 leaked the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter and in 2014 the Environment Chapter to give us an idea of what was being discussed and which countries were for or against certain sections. 

From what we know so far, if the negotiations are completed it will become much harder for the New Zealand government to look after our environment, promote health, protect workers and consumers, and promote the public interest:

  1. Most restrictions on foreign investment will be frozen and rolled back even further.
  2. Big overseas companies will be able to sue the New Zealand government for millions in damages in secretive offshore tribunals, claiming that new laws and regulations (for example, a ban on fracking, smoking control laws, or a cap on electricity prices) have seriously undermined the value of their investments.
  3. Medicines will become more expensive as big pharmaceutical companies gain more influence over PHARMAC, and restrictions are placed on generic medicines.
  4. Copyright laws will be toughened and more harshly enforced, restricting internet freedom and access to information, costing libraries, schools, and businesses, and stifling innovation.
  5. Parallel importing will be banned, meaning that New Zealanders, especially the poor, will have to pay far more for all sorts of ordinary products.
  6. Foreign banks, insurance companies and money traders will gain more powers to challenge laws designed to prevent another financial crisis; and overseas property dealers could contest moves to burst the property bubble, such as a capital gains tax.

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Dr Erik Monasterio, a forensic psychiatrist and senior clinical lecturer with the University of Otago and Christchurch School of Clinical Medicine has raised his concerns regarding the effect the TPPA will have on the healthcare system in New Zealand. He wrote an excellent article in the New Zealand Medical Journal which can be found here, and gave an excellent presentation to the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists highly worth watching which can be found here.

We all need to raise awareness about the dangers of the TPPA. This means first educating yourself about the effects it will have on New Zealand which can be found here. Second, talk to friends, family, work colleagues, anyone who will listen to your concerns and get them to research the parts of the deal the government is failing to mention. Thirdly, join us and rally with thousands of other New Zealanders around the country who are also very concerned on the 7th of March 2015. Information such as where we will be meeting in each city centre and at what time will be found soon on the It’s Our Future website and Facebook page.  

Together, we can start putting serious pressure on the government and raise the awareness of others who currently know very little about the so called ‘free-trade agreement’, which we know from leaked documents will be anything but free and actually cost our future if signed.

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Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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  1. Maureen Fowler

    Time we all walked in support of all NZer’s, even if you can not walk get someone to push you in a wheelchair, Key needs to see a HUGE!! amount of people turn up on parliament steps, I am going to ask my neighbours and friends to march, and support those who need it, to get there :O)


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