Check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s powerful three-minute speech to the U.N. from this morning.

Here’s a lot of science to ease your mind. Here’s some success stories to also ease your mind.
And if you could remind everyone else that ignoring things doesn’t make them go away, we’ll owe you one.

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  1. Bert Rolston

    To quote Leonardo DiCaprio “I pretend for a living.” “This is not rhetoric” “It is my belief”.

    Well here is my rhetoric, belief, and real world experience.

    A belief DOES NOT EQUAL truth.
    Leonardo didn’t acknowledge any of the sources to back up his so called facts.

    Yes we are seeing climatic changes, that’s what happens in a cyclical system.

    Rhetorical question 1 –
    Isn’t it odd that climate change has increased as the rainforests have decreased?
    Who is responsible for removing rainforests?

    BELIEF – As humans we must be good stewards of EVERYTHING we have an impact on.

    Rhetorical question 2 –
    What about the influence of solar activity on our climate?

    I know, from what I have read, that we are witnessing a climate swing which is part of a natural cycle. This cycle is part of our global weather system.

    I know from the high school chemistry and physics I studied that all systems oscillate between extremes and tend towards equilibrium. These are rules / laws that were drummed into us at school.

    Rhetorical question 3 –
    What happened to these rules / laws?

    Belief –
    Mr DiCaprio, you are allowed your beliefs, but do not expect me to agree with or accept them.

    I have just expressed my belief.
    I live in the real world and do not pretend for a living.

    My agenda in this post is to get people to think and look for answers, rather than just “drinking the kool-aid”


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