Instead of calling Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald a “loser” and dismissing the evidence brought forward against him as a publicity stunt bought and paid for by Kim Dotcom, perhaps Prime Minister John Key would be better off asking why it’s necessary to fly an internationally acclaimed journalist to New Zealand to report on issues that should have already been readily covered by our own mainstream media.

Is it fair to say that instead of allowing our Prime Minister to engage in distracting personal attacks and fob off tactics, our media should be pushing him to actually answer questions on the evidence that has been brought forth? Only, of course we all remember how he reacts when the media are actually doing their job.

When Nicky Hager released Dirty Politics, nobody was really all that surprised. Political corruption and backhanded tactics is something that is now almost expected from our politicians. In fact, it’s a stereotype. The sad truth of the matter is that people expect politicians to lie, and we as a nation are too apathetic to call them out on it and force their actions to have consequences. It’s now a very fair question to ask the people of New Zealand, how much a politician has to lie and trample on civil liberties of the public they represent before they will actually get angry about it.

Much of the media attention recently has been surrounding Kim Dotcom, and even reading through comments on news forums it’s obvious that the personalities in this arena are more hotly contested than the ideologies and indeed the facts behind the arguments they represent.

Here is the most important fact that is being missed by all sides. This isn’t about John Key. It’s not about Kim Dotcom. It’s not about frozen assets, international law disputes, election campaigns or Warner Brothers. This is about you. It’s about your right to have a democratic opinion. It’s about your right to have freedom of information on the internet, and the right to privacy in your own home. It’s about your right to a government that is taking orders from the will of the people, and not major overseas corporations and banks. That is the key element that is being missed in this discussion.

The implications of the information that have been released tonight are far reaching, but if you have been paying attention to what has been happening in our country over the last few years, it’s nothing that you should find surprising. New Zealand is fast being swallowed by the United States and a global movement that is fighting civil rights and freedom of information. It’s something that we should all be very worried about.

The big question we all need to ask ourselves, is why we allow it to happen. How much money is our country worth? How much money is our freedom worth? How much money is our environment worth? Because if those are things that we can’t put a price on, perhaps it’s also not something that we should be allowing our political leaders to put a price on.

If there is one thing that most of us here can agree on, it’s that we live in a world that is rapidly moving in the wrong direction. We’re seeing a lot of blame and name calling coming from all political directions, but we don’t see a single party who is pragmatically addressing the underlying problems that are being faced by us as a society at large, or with the courage to criticize the systems in place that are allowing such gross misappropriation of common sense and human decency.

We want you to have higher expectations of your media. We want you to have higher expectations of your political leaders. We want you to get mad and push them when they fail to live up to those higher expectations. Most importantly we want you to have higher expectations for yourself and for the future that you need to be a part in building, if any of us are really going to have a future to look forward to at all.

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Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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  1. Nikki

    I agree to some point, I believe we should kn ow what is going on but not what they think might in the future may happen. I feel that some of the media take thing too far even as a normal middle class family we do like to know what has been done or not but to hear the ab and c’ right down to aaaa-b is too much. I feel that we need easy facts not lectures and sometimes that is how all news comes across. I no who i am voting for not because of dirty politics or outside influences, but for who i believe is the better option in my opinion, it may not be right but it is still my choice.


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