This is a film based on the book “Death of the Liberal Class” by journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, Chris Hedges.

It charts the rise of the Corporate State, and examines the future of obedience in a world of unfettered capitalism, globalisation, staggering inequality and environmental change.

The film predominantly focuses on US corporate capitalism, but it is my hope that the viewer can recognise the relevance of what is being expressed with regards to domestic political and corporate activity.

“Corporate power claims to honour electrical politics, freedom & constitutions, but these corporate forces corrupt and manipulate power as to make democracy impossible.  

We are yet to fully grasp that corporations are not concerned with the common good. They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill and lie to make money. They throw poor families out of homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars to make profits, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the government treasuries and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women. They worship money and power. Capitalism is a revolutionary force that consumes greater and greater numbers of human lives, until finally, it consumes itself; leaving nothing but a dead zone.”

About The Author

Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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2 Responses

  1. flow

    wow. that was depressing. Hope – but with no conceivable mechanism. revolt, through suicide. cheers, chris.

    • Wake Up NZ

      Not at all Chris! The world consciousness is waking up and with the power of the internet, we are making great progress. Peaceful revolution’s time will come, but first we all need to change ourselves before we try change the world! Cheers


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