Anyone exceeding the speed limit this summer can expect to be pulled over, regardless of whether there’s a 4kmh speed tolerance.

The warning comes as police move towards zero tolerance of speeding after a successful campaign last summer when fatalities dropped 22 per cent.

“Anything over the limit is speeding and anyone speeding can expect to be pulled over,” police assistant commissioner, road policing, Dave Cliff said

Police operated a 4kmh tolerance last summer – from December 1 to January 31 – but still issued more than 200,000 tickets for people speeding between 1kmh and 10kmh over the limit.

That was more than five times the same period the previous year when there was no reduced tolerance, a police report into the Safer Summer campaign showed.

The tickets totalled more than $6 million in fines, an increase of about $5m from the previous years.

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In another classic move to generate more revenue, the New Zealand police have removed any leniency towards drivers going slightly over the speed limit, all in the name of road safety. This is a ridiculous move, as it will mean more speedometer watching in fear of a fine and less eyes on the road where the hazards are. While we agree that excessive speed is an issue in serious accidents, we want to see the statistics that prove it’s those doing 1 – 10km over the speed limit that are the main contributors.

When changing the speeding leniency brought in an extra $5 million last year, it’s no surprises to see the state going one further this year, giving the police more power to harass us with their revenue generating guns. Since so many resources are poured into policing the roads where there’s money to be made, our police lack the necessary resources to deal with serious crimes such as burglaries and violent crime effectively.

Car speedometers and police radar guns aren’t always accurate, which is historically where leniency has been fair. How can we ensure that the police also keep to the zero speeding policy? 

For all of us who drive during the summer months, we can expect to see more risky behaviour on the roads as frustrated drivers attempt risky moves to get around those being overly cautious of the new changes.

As we start following America’s model on how to create a police state, we can expect this to be only the start of the invasions into our lives. If the police want to restore faith with the public that they are there to serve and protect us rather than provide for the state, how about reallocating resources away from revenue generation and towards solving actual crime in our communities. 


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27 Responses

  1. elle

    A family member had $80 fine for 3k, over downhill,he was in a stream of traffic ,so all the other cars must have been over limit.police dont make the rules just enact them.
    Its a revenue gathering excersise,

    Key was good at collecting money,he needed money to get the millions he gave to Clinton foundation,obviously thought she would win,so looking after his own interests with our money

  2. milly

    I know a lot of people that go 80ks and get a ticket for going to slow. I would love to know what was done with the 5 million they made. I hope it went to something worth while.

  3. clive macann

    Well, it looks like we now NEED to challenge every speeding ticket and make sure they jolly well earn their dollars.

  4. james

    There is literally nothing to stop anyone speeding weather they have intent to or without knowing. The system is f**ked. I see cops speed all the time at peak hour traffic on the way home theyre atleast over the limit by 10-20kph. whos policing them? theres no way an ordinary citizen can snap out a cop speeding unless they also have a radar/speed gun with them at all times otherwise its your word against thiers. For those cops that do that and abuse your status where you arent doing it for the reasons of your line of duty. f**k yah. Why not focus on acuall crimes. Why not share with everyone the other reasons of all the fatalities ie drunk driving+speeding, disqualified driver+speeding, minor+speeding. look at your statistics and tell us why there are so much fatalities based on the reasons why they were speeding, not just “they were speeding” regardless. take those into account and re think it. nzl police

  5. Andrew

    Road toll bull shite start targeting those drivers who can’t drive to the road rules like give way and stop at road signs or change lanes all the time just to get in front with out using indecaters and those prats who want to save power by diving In the mornings with out the lights on

  6. Mike

    This is bullshit the reason they have the 10km tolerance is because of the accuracy of the speed guns and cameras they just aren’t that accurate

  7. Jimmy

    The the reality is if you driving in busy traffic and a cop passes you on the other side of the rd and your speeding there’s nothing he can do about it he’s not going to catch up as its busy he has to deal with the same traffic you are. The only ones to worrie about are the ones on your side of the rd.

  8. Pete

    Why is it that people get pulled over by the COPS (PIGS) to inform them that they did 4 Km over the limit? If you do 50 Km in town and the cops pull you over and tell you that you did 54 ask him (her) which speedo they where looking at! The only speedo that matters to you is the one you are looking at, if it indicates 50 you are doing 50! End of story. The crunch?, the accuracy of your speedo is not part of the warrant of fitness criteria! So if your speedo tells you that you are doing 50 than that is the speed you are doing. Tell them to go and get Shafted somewhere.

    • Rob

      I had this problem once, i was doing exactly the limit but the cop said i was 10 km over, i said rubbish my speedo is calibrated as i was driving an army vehicle. After getting the fine in the mail i learned from my transport nco that in fact the speedos were 5 to 10 km out, usually set before the vehicle enters the country, i now have two cars and a motorbike, one is 2001, 2007 and bike is new, all the speedos in comparison to gps speedometer are out, the company i drive for the speedos are out, i have realised that the govt sets the calibration process via the NZTA that governs vehicle importing, they do this so that you think your doing the limit when in fact you are over, this is how the police get you, there radars and lasers are set to read a higher speed becos of the speedo presetting. This is also why speedo calibration is not a WOF requirement because if it were then the govt would lose millions in fines. If you want accurate speed reading download a gps speedometer to your smartphone and or purchase a $150 + nav unit(gps) if you still get a ticket then in court you can show them the gps tracking which shows your actual speed, the judge has to find in your favor. Sat gps is the most accurate speed reading as it uses 3 satelites to triangulate your position determining your speed. Another time i argued a cop and showed him the gps on my fone, he walked away…..And ive followed a cop on morehouse Ave doing 70 km/h when that road is 50 km limit. You cant argue that if they speed its ok for you too even if following them because how can you prove it? Either way if motorists start demanding answers to these, pressuring the govt its time they stop ripping the public off. If the police set a tolerance level as in 4 km/h over the limit then they should not be able to fine you if your only doing 1 km or 3 km/h providing dont go over 4. My advice to people is start using gps on your fone its more accurate than your vehicle speedo. If you dont believe me compare the gps speed to your vehicle speedometer.

  9. Steve

    Maybe the easiest solution is to drop the limit to 90kph and still have a 10kph tolerance? At least all trucks, cars with trailers, etc can all have the same speed limit. Also, thanks to all of you who are paying the voluntary fines and keeping my taxes down. Have you ever considered slowing down a little? Get out of bed 5 minutes earlier? If we all kept within the speed limit for 12 months the system would go broke and we wouldn’t have the speed cameras any more.

    • michael

      Well said Steve, the problem is the NZ police gang will just find something else to fine us for

  10. JayPee

    I like this…. Obviously the top cops are not making enough from selling or stealing P anymore… So Lets waste more tax dollars by sending kiwis to court for 1km speed violations… Do you know how pathetic this new law sounds John Key? Maybe you need to look into your bigger issues like feeding the homeless, education and caring for our elderly. YOU PRICK!!!

  11. Katrina

    Our government needs to do more about the people drowning in our country. Spend the money on teaching our children to swim.

  12. John

    Good old NZ police, the revenue gathering, privacy invading, harassing dogs of the state. can’t believe I ever considered joining them safer communities together….. I call bullshit

  13. deanna

    The NZ police officers are nothing but a bunch of bored twats that suck themselves off. They fuxk themselves up their own anuses.

  14. stewart

    All i can say is what a bunch of fcking restarts our police are what a joke are they trying to cause more people to die. this is going to cause more problems than good

  15. Jon

    As a kiwi living in the States, I resent the comment about NZ becoming like America’s police state. We drive 5-20mph over the speed limit every day and the police don’t pull us over. In the decade I’ve lived here I’ve found the US police to be far more reasonable to deal with and not so pedantic like NZ cops. Get your head out of your arse.

    • Sheri

      I have to agree with you Jon. I am also a Kiwi living in the US and you never get pulled over if you drive a little over the limit.

  16. Sylvia Smith

    My daughter’s boyfriend had an accident in his car, he was in the right so he went to the police station with the man who hit him to report it and get an incident number, only to be told by the police person who served them that “It’s a civil matter, we don’t deal with that anymore”. I was shocked when I was told this.

  17. Paul Wright

    As long as 1km under the speed limit is fined for slow driving I’ll be happy.


    • suzette engelbrecht

      I agree, everyone is just going on about fast drivers which I agree should not be tolerated but its even more dangerous with slow drivers….

  18. Lindsay

    I’ll tell you this, i wont be stopping for them…
    They will have to ram me into oncoming traffic to give me a speeding fine for doing 1km/h over the limit!

  19. niki

    Because the police (which are a private force just like their american counter-parts) are there to protect the interests of private corporations, not to protect and serve the public, and that means being a viable business. But, don’t forget that the police will break laws themselves if it means that the PM will be late to an AB’s game.


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