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Some Facts About The Environment Of New Zealand

New Zealand has been very popular for being a very rich country, especially when we are talking about land, animals, weather, beaches and more. In this guide, I am going to be discussing some of the more interesting facts about the environment of New Zealand. The environment of New Zealand is absolutely spectacular. It is popular for having very thick forests that are filled with some of the most beautiful creatures that are native to New Zealand. New Zealand is very popular for having flightless birds. Millions of people visit New Zealand every single year, because of how beautiful it is. It has 18,000 km of coastline, and it is absolutely wonderful. New Zealand is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. That fact happens to be one of the main reasons why people love visiting New Zealand.

Some Facts About The Environment Of New Zealand

New Zealand is actually a country that was isolated from other land masses for millions of years. Before New Zealand was discovered, it was isolated indeed. That is why, it is home to some of the most fascinating forms of animals and plants in the entire world. It has gigantic land snails and all kinds of flightless birds. All kinds of early Polynesian settlers started killing a very famous flightless bird called moa. Since then, it has been extinct. In the 19th century, a lot of bird species were killed by cats, rats and other predators that came along with the settlers from Europe on their ships. Because of these settlers, a lot of species on New Zealand actually went extinct, because of the kind of activities they carried out and also because of the animals they brought along with them.

Now, let me talk about the coastline. There is no location in New Zealand that is even more than 100 km from the sea. It is a very long coastline indeed. Like I mentioned above, it ranges from 15,000 to 18,000 km. The North Island is actually smaller than the South Island but, it has a longer coastline. Almost 2/3 of New Zealand’s coastline is actually a very hard and rocky shore. The soft source of sand or gravel covers the remainder of it. Almost 80% of it is directly exposed to the sea, while the rest of them have harbours and estuaries. If we are talking about the southern and western coasts, they are more exposed than the northern and eastern coasts.

Some Facts About The Environment Of New Zealand

If we are discussing the currents, they are warm, salty and subtropical. The summer water temperatures range from 21°C in the North and 14°C in the South. Swimming is actually very common, because of the manageable temperatures of the water. It is very refreshing, especially in the summer.

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