Over two days, our Change.org petition to have Mike Hosking removed as the moderator for the upcoming 2017 Election debates received 50,000 signatures, highlighting the issue New Zealanders have with arguably the country’s most biased presenter moderating the debates. We thought now would be a perfect time to explain our reasonings.

TVNZ on Thursday confirmed Mike Hosking will be hosting all three debates which struck a nerve not only with us, but apparently also the general public because of Mike’s blatant bias to National and against Labour. Friday’s poll results on this Stuff article found 71% of the 35,000 respondents believe he is biased or would rather see someone else hosting. These figures are at clear odds with Mike’s own claim “to be fair, I don’t think people are up in arms.”

Another strong petition has also been launched by Erica Finnie on the community campaign site OurActionStation reaching 20,000 signatures over the same period. Considering only 5,000 people signed a similar petition in 2014, it appears Mike’s bias attacking the left at any giving chance has not gone unnoticed by the general public.

Last election on top of calling Cunliffe a ‘moron’, he asked his audience “is David Cunliffe incompetent or mad? Is he out to lunch or out of touch? Is David Cunliffe deluded or living in a parallel universe?”

More recently he openly attacked current Labour MPs on ‘Mike’s Minutes’: “Here in 2017, can Labour in all honesty look at Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern and go, ‘There are our saviours, they’ll make all the difference?’. No, they cannot. And I think the cold hard reality is that Little is not actually the issue. The entire Labour movement, the PC takeover, the blancmange veneer that is modern Labour is the real issue.”

Compare this to his emotional farewell to John Key where he claimed “he’s not just our best Prime Minister of modern times but the best by some margin.”

We could spend all day highlighting what the general public already know, Mike Hosking is incredibly biased to the National Party.

While admitting to a natural bias is completely fine, to have National’s biggest public cheerleader hosting yet another round of claimed unbiased state funded Election Debates is an insult to the intelligence of the New Zealand population. Having neutral arenas for political debates is essential for a well functioning democracy.

Winston Peters was the only politician to publicly agree with the petition, saying “there’s no way that Mike Hosking can possibly be described as neutral. He’s spent most of his time attacking one line of political thought and that means he should rule himself out”

Last year UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to take part in debates hosted by The New Statesman, The Guardian and The Mirror due to concerns he would not receive a fair go. His campaign director at the time said “We are deeply concerned that some of those media organisations or their leading presenters have taken partisan positions against Jeremy’s leadership or campaign, and therefore can’t be regarded as impartial hosts or moderators.”

Debates are expected to have neutral hosts so all parties can publicly debate ideas without natural influence affecting proceedings. Considering these debates will help shape the votes of thousands of people around the country, we must ensure moderators are not heavily biased to one side.

Following the delivery of our petition alongside Erica’s, if Mike Hosking is not swapped with a much less biased moderator such as Corin Dann, John Campbell, Kim Hill, Hilary Barry or Nigel Latta, we will be encouraging signatories to boycott the debates and hit TVNZ where it hurts most; their bottom line through loss of advertising revenue.

Our goal is to combine the two and remove any double ups, using these results on public billboards to highlight the poor condition New Zealand’s state funded journalism is now in.

For those who haven’t signed already, we’re aiming for as many signatures as possible before presenting. The two petitions can be found here and here

About The Author

Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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20 Responses

  1. Sat

    Mikes heart is with the Nats and his brain is in that hole, unable to break free and think independently. In short his emotion gets the better of him. Not suitable.

  2. Marilyn Evans

    Mike Hosking loves himself and is the scruffiest person on the show he interrupts Toni too much and I say bring back John Campbell who really feels for otheres not like Mike who totally loves himself. He is so rude and irritating when he taps his pen and tidies his papers. We dont want him on a political show.

    • Bradley

      I get bored with Hoskings rhetoric- he has such a sense of self importance. I called TVNZ and asked them to get a new presenter for Seven Sharp – because I don’t enjoy listening to him. He’s plain weird, he must be on something??

  3. Michael

    Well done. You have created a national database of 50,000 social justice bullies for all NZ to see.

  4. Kenny Moore

    did you start a petition to have John Campbell removed as a moderator? He is as biased or even moreso than Hosking.

  5. TracyJane

    the logical thing to do would be for all other political parties to refuse to turn up to the debate

  6. Graham Townsend

    Although I do not belong to any political party, the choice of Mr Hosking seems an extremely unwise one. I would go so far as to say that it is bizarre.

    In his various media roles, Hosking makes no secret of his political leanings, and his personal preference for the policies of the National party. That lack of impartiality alone disqualifies him as mediator in these debates, given that they are such an important part of the democratic process.

    Equally important is his wilful ignorance of such key issues as the reality of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). As a retired physical chemist I’m well aware of the science and of the global expert consensus. The national science academies of every advanced nation around the world have assessed the evidence and endorsed it. The World Bank, the OECD, the IMF, Bank of England, the UN FAO, the global reinsurance industry and even the Pentagon have warned of the serious economic and security implications of unchecked AGW. It may be possible to ignore these from a fashionable apartment in Auckland – for now at least – but in the real world the impacts are already being felt.

    The various party policies on AGW must be fairly debated. Mr Hosking has called into question the science of AGW. That is irresponsible of him, disqualifies him from consideration as a serious journalist, and raises the issue of whether his statements are actionable under the BSA codebook.

    This household will certainly will NOT be watching these debates if he’s on screen.

    • Eileen

      I am sure we could get a much better moderator. Mike is a bit of a “pain” on “Seven Sharp”.

  7. Neil Watts

    Great work team.
    Wholeheartedly agree. Mike Hosking is easily the most partisan broadcaster is New Zealand and a completely inappropriate choice to host a leaders election debate in a democracy.

    I have started a campaign to boycott TVNZ entirely, as well as boycotting the advertisers that sponsor Mike Hosking’s Seven Sharp.
    Until TVNZ drop Mike Hosking from the election debates, here’s a list of his advertisers you might wish to boycott, as well as boycotting TVNZ itself.


    Please share, print, circulate the list, and keep it handy when making buying decisions. Also, please write and tell TVNZ why they need to #DroptheMike.

    If you have the time and inclination, perhaps send a letter or email to some of these companies explaining why you won’t be giving them your business.

    This isn’t so much an issue of the partisan broadcaster and propagandist pretending to be neutral for three nights. It’s about TVNZ’s contempt for democracy and the people of New Zealand, by insisting on using the devisive Rightwing Hosking, when he clearly lacks professional objectivity and has an established history of pimping for the National Party.

    If petitions or basic ethics won’t sway TVNZ, perhaps the commercial pressure of targeting the almighty dollar will.

    Companies to target and avoid include:
    ASB Bank (main sponsor), Guthrie Bowron, Curtain Studio, Prōmisia (Arthrem arthritis medication), Trivago, Toyota, Harvey Norman, Harrison’s Energy Solutions (solar), Chanui Tea, Carpet Mill, Mercedes Benz, Pascoes Jewellers, Bed Bath & Beyond, McDonald’s, Bunnings, Thin Lizzy, Mazda, Expedia, Stihl, Warehouse, Sanofi-Aventis (Lantus diabetic insulin), L’Oreal, GM Holden, Air NZ, Kia, Valerian (Movie), Seafood NZ, Panasonic, ANZ Bank, Avalon Waterways, Oil Changers, Repco, Target, Ram Trucks, Warner Fences, Countdown, Curtain Studio, Hello World Travel, Nutralife, Briscoes, Accor Hotels, Meridian Energy, Window Treatments, Danske Mobler, Electronics and Applicance Shed.

    For anyone interested in writing to TVNZ, useful contacts are:

    Kevin Kenrick
    Chief Executive Officer

    John Gillespie
    Head of News and Current Affairs
    Victoria Street
    P.O. Box 3819
    Auckland 1140.

    • c l winslow

      Mike Hosking represents his biased views regularly and portrays a bullying and mocking personality which is not a good model for the youth to aspire to. I shall not be watching TV 1 even less than I was before. So their advertisers are wasting their money with TV 1. Bring on the ‘fake news’! Internet is my medium of choice more and more. Corporate news is the real FAKE news!

  8. Daphne Randle

    New Zealand First , as the largest “middle-of-the-Road” party , needs to be included in the National/Labour debate so voters can see they have three major philosophies from which to choose . This is no longer FPP and should not be presented as such .

  9. Gloria sharp

    It is such a hard call for us to turn off our TV when this political debate takes place. I really wish to see the polititions debate. BUT I must!

  10. Martyn

    How about drawng up a list of advertisers and creating a mechanasim whereby we can email/lobby them about the issue. A full inbox might do the job..


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