The events that took place in Sydney yesterday weren’t a terrorist group plot nor a product of ISIS, but horrific actions from a mentally unstable extremist who had shown plenty of pre-cursors to violent attacks. These should have been identified and monitored by the Australian arm of five-eyes, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, given Man Haron Monis was charged with accessory to murder of his ex-wife, over 40 sexual offences, as well as sending offensive letters to grieving families of soldiers that had lost their lives in Afghanistan. What most people don’t know is that the police under the old laws already had the ability to bug his phones, monitor his metadata, intercept his emails and keep him under surveillance, all without a warrant. You have to ask yourself, how well did the new anti-terrorism laws do in their first real test? 

The New Zealand government is already using the events as “100% justification for our own anti-terrorism laws recently rushed through parliament, even though the Sydney events are no more a terrorist attack than the recent WINZ murders in Ashburton. If the laws are so justified, how come they did nothing to help alert authorities to the fact a mentally unstable man was on the verge of murdering innocent civilians?

You will struggle to find any mainstream articles in New Zealand that haven’t managed to directly or indirectly link the attack to either ISIS or Islam, neither of which deserve mentioning beyond the fact that this very sick man was of middle-eastern descent and followed a religion to the extreme. What the media is failing to grasp is that there are extremists in every religion, and judging all Muslims based on actions such as the mentally ill Man Haron Monis makes as much sense as judging all Christians based on the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church. Islamophobia is unfortunately spreading all around the world as our western media follows the American led war against the middle-east. The point being that fear is such a powerful emotion and is commonly used in the mainstream to manipulate weak minded individuals. If the average Australian or New Zealander didn’t believe we needed tougher anti-terrorist laws before, they certainly will now. Fear has been a tool used to justify the progression of certain agendas for centuries, and this is now applied on a mass scale to indoctrinate nations. While there will always be a place for legislation targeting extremists from all different belief systems and surveillance on those who are a danger to other innocent civilians in our society, it does not justify the removal of the civil liberties of a country.

New Zealanders need to realise the loosely defined term ‘terrorist’ can easily be extended at a future date to include anyone considered a threat to the powers that be. Around the world our civil liberties are under attack, and Spain is a great example having recently introduced new anti-protest laws making it an offence to record a police officer or protest outside community buildings. In New Zealand  year, legislation was rushed through making deep sea oil protests illegal. We are on a very slippery slope, with our rights constantly being eroded. There is a fine balance between looking out for the security of our nation and turning it into a police state; one our current government with the support of the opposition is not afraid to cross.

What is clear is that oppressive legislation like the bills recently introduced in both Australia and New Zealand are not going to stop the mentally unstable performing horrific acts, but go a long way to removing our rights as free citizens.

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