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The Many Aspects Of The Environments Of New Zealand Explained

In this article, I’m going to be discussing many aspects of New Zealand’s environment. We are going to be discussing things like the landmass, coastal waters, the coast and more. It is going to be very informative, specially if you are a fan of the island country that is just southeast of Australia.

The Many Aspects Of The Environments Of New Zealand Explained

  1. The coastal waters of New Zealand actually support hundreds of fish species and so many marine invertebrates and vertebrates. The waters are teeming with life. A lot of species of animals actually went extinct, ever since settlers, started settling in New Zealand in the 19th century.
  2. Many animals went extinct, because of the European settlers and the kind of animals that they brought along with them on their ships. The waters of New Zealand and the waters that surround New Zealand or actually home to a lot of sea lions, dolphins, seals, whales and these animals always frequent these waters.
  3. If you are planning to vacation in New Zealand, there are a lot of tours that will actually take you to see these wonderful creatures. I would exercise restraint when it comes to looking at whales, because the species are endangered anyway.
  4. There are a few shark attacks in New Zealand waters, and they are very rare indeed. But, we cannot say that it has never happened. There are a lot of shark species that cruise around the coastal waters surrounding New Zealand, and a lot of them actually fear humans. Most of them are interested in the fish that populate the waters around New Zealand. In the 1850s, there were a lot of sharks that were caught on a lot of hunts.
  5. If we are looking at the deep waters that surround New Zealand, you should look beyond the continental shelf and look beyond. There are huge areas of very deep water, which is home to a lot of fish and muddy seafloor. These are underwater deserts which do not have any other species of animals. If we are looking at deep oceans, the marine life actually flourishes around the subterranean mountain ranges which are inside the water.
  6. A lot of people have deemed them to be very rich fishing grounds, and they are a haven for marine life. Humans have taken advantage of this for a really long time. They make use of these areas to fish.
  7. If we are looking at the penguin species, there are a lot of penguin in and around the waters of New Zealand. It is also home to the world’s smallest penguin. They have been known to breed underground in burrows. The coastal towns actually see penguins here and there.

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