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The Natural Environment Of New Zealand

As millions of people all around the world know very well, New Zealand happens to be an island country that is very close to Australia. I am sure you have never seen most parts of New Zealand, because it is untouched by humanity. It has 18,000 km of coastline, and it is a land that is rich with mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and farmlands as well.

The Natural Environment Of New Zealand

Because the country was isolated for millions of years, there is a lot of unique native fauna and flora that is actually untouched by humanity. New Zealand is also very popular for having a lot of flightless birds that have evolved over the years. The gigantic variety of beautiful natural features is actually very central when we are talking about the identity of New Zealand. It is a place that attracts millions of tourists every single year, but that has been hindered because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • New Zealand is also very popular for being known as a land of contrasts.
  • The islands of New Zealand are in the Pacific Ocean, which are located southeast of Australia.
  • Even though the land is quite narrow, you should know that there is a lot of abundance, especially when we are talking about glaciers, volcanoes, beaches, forests and more.
  • The running length of the South Island is actually a mountain range called the Southern Alps.
  • The northern island is mainly a hill country which has a lake in its centre.
  • I am sure you would find it interesting to know that the climate in New Zealand is the coastal climate, and it is mild to cool.
  • It very rarely gets hot, but the regions inside or quite cold.
  • Most of the places receive an average share of sunlight and some cloudy days.
  • The winds come from the west, and they can be quite strong.
  • There is a lot of rain, and there are the rivers and streams everywhere.
  • There is an abundance of water.
  • The coast is absolutely beautiful if you want to swim.
  • The climate is very cool as well.
  • The swimming areas actually see a lot of penguins, whales, dolphins and seals.
  • You should be very careful, especially when you’re dealing with whales.
  • The beaches are absolutely beautiful and known worldwide for being so.
  • If you are talking about forests, they are quite dense, and they are covered with very dense trees. A lot of them have been chopped down by the humans. The forest still covers a gigantic portion of the country. It is a very green country indeed.
  • If we are talking about animals, there are a lot of animals that are native to New Zealand alone.


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