The TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) is currently the biggest threat facing New Zealand.

This is one of the most well researched, informative videos we have seen regarding the TPPA and the effect it will have on New Zealand if signed. The mainstream media hasn’t addressed any of the issues mentioned in this video surprise surprise, so we ask that you share this video far and wide for friends and family to watch before voting this Saturday.

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Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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  1. Ian Brown - UK

    New Zealanders must protest and stop this being signed. We have the same agreement being discussed in the UK and Europe. It’s all being driven by the U.S. comglomerates, the 5% who have 95% of the world’s wealth.

    You know in the UK that we have a National Health Service? For the last 60 years it’s been simple. The tax payer pays their tax, the government funds the health service, you enjoy free health care at the point of delivery.

    This new pan Europe-America-Austrilasia agreement will mean big business can walk in, cherry pick the profitable services, sue the government should they refuse. There’s nothing that will be off the table and it is 100% in favour of The US. They are effectively using China’s growth both economically and militariliy to leverage their guarantee of security for your area. The UK is having to build new subs, Frigates and Ocean Defence Ships, plus the Aircraft Carriers as part of the future deal. Don’t get me wrong, the people of the UK and New Zealand have probably more in common than any nation, the public here understand our historic obligation and friendship. The issue we have is a trade agreement that kicks open a nations doors and allows any corporation to sue a nation’s government should they refuse to let a contract to supply that they would normally reserve for a domestic company.

  2. Tracy Jane

    what an incredible presentation, thank you so much, i have been looking for something like this that is completely understandable and researched (considering that its secret it hard to find information on). The one thing that I know for sure that is incorrect is that the Democrats for Social Credit (the old Social Credit Party back to contest its 60th election with 35 candidates) is definitely against the TPPA. We might lose our GE free NZ status, we would never get mandatory GE labeling (we don’t now), amongst other big issues. I will send this out to everyone I can today. one way or the other, who ever ‘wins’ this election, we must stand firm against this travesty. Thanks again, brilliant –

  3. Quentin

    Regardless of the content, I find the video unpleasant from some angles and therefore weakened in intended impact. E.g., if you MUST have music going, choose more thoughtfully…….it’s rough and distracting from the speech. The speech is garbled by an apparent wish for speed. Summary: It all turns me off and in my case it’s a failed attempt to achieve what it may have had in mind.

    • Terri

      Well I do have to agree about the affect the back ground music and speedy speech had on the impact of this video but I found it very informative all the same.

    • Greg

      Grow a brain Quentin. Do you judge books by their covers and women by their looks? Forget the packaging and judge on the merit of the content.


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