‘We have had a mind-programming exercise, called “the war on drugs” for the last 40 years, which has been designed to create an internal enemy in our societies and convince people that there are these evil, wicked groups who are doing these terrible, sinful things, smoking these drugs and doing this and that. A very dark image has been created around this and people get very upset irrationally about this whole issue. As Huxley said “LSD is a drug that can cause psychosis in people who have never taken it”.

By all means some drugs are bad and toxic, to society and the individual, and their recreational use should not be entertained, it’s lack of accurate education of the science in this field in the face of cultural pressures that cause the addiction issue we see rampant around the world. Societies with massive underground drug addictions that simply don’t know any better, as they never differentiated between a dose of mushrooms and a dose of crystal meth.

And actually what’s been forgotten in all of this, is that when the state sends us to prison for essentially exploring our own consciousness, this is an grotesque abuse of human rights. It’s a fundamental wrong. If I as an adult am not sovereign over my own consciousness then I’m absolutely not sovereign over anything. I can’t claim any kind of freedom at all, and what has happened over the last 40 or 50 years under the disguise of the war on drugs, is that we have been persuaded to hand over the keys of our consciousness to the state. The most precious, the most intimate, the most sapient part of ourselves, the state now has the key … and furthermore they have persuaded us that that’s in our interests! This is a dangerous situation, we are giving power over to the least among us.’



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  1. John Wesley Harding

    amen brother!
    If we’re not in control of our own minds, what the hell are we in control of?
    Legalize psychedelics and marijuana and criminalize alcohol and tobacco!
    Should set us on the path to a humane, open, free and innovative society.
    Instead of the chronically sick, morally repugnant one we have at the moment.


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