A recent expose by Campbell Live has shown New Zealanders the truth surrounding how water resources are allocated and profited from, which leaves us with the question, who owns New Zealand’s high quality fresh water?

The answer seems pretty simple, New Zealanders as a collective own the water. However, is this reflected in current council regulations in how water resources are allocated?

A Chinese owned bottling plant, One Pure has recently set up in the Hawke’s Bay and once operating at full capacity, will run 24/7 to export an expected 400 million litres of pristine aquifer water per year back to China. Fresh drinking water makes up only 2.5% of all water on the planet, with the remaining 97.5% being salt water. New Zealand has such a high quality of aquifer water that foreign investors are shipping millions of bottles out of the country per year, all of which has been taken at zero cost besides a tiny council resource consent. Surely our water should be allocated to New Zealanders, so our businesses and economy can benefit from our resources. Currently, this water will all be taken at the cost of New Zealanders at a time when water is increasingly becoming polluted around the country.

Thanks to intensive dairy farming, our rivers and lakes now have high concentrations of nutrients, sediments and faecal bacteria, and a result a large increase in algae blooms. Heavy amounts of fertilisers from farm run-off enters our waterways and causes destruction throughout the entire ecosystem. The result is half of New Zealand’s rivers and lakes are now of such poor water quality that they are a health hazard to swim in. This is all in a country which attempts to market itself internationally as ‘100% Pure NZ’. The irrigation needs of these dairy farms is also sucking dry the rivers which support entire communities further down the line.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright, recently released a water quality report focused on the two nutrient pollutants – nitrogen and phosphorus.

“On land they are valuable nutrients, helping plants to grow. But when there is too much of them in water, they become pollutants, and can lead to excessive growth of weeds, slime and algae.

New Zealand is undergoing huge changes to land use and decision makers need to be aware of the consequences for the future.

“Over recent years, hundreds of thousands of hectares used for sheep and beef farming have been converted to dairy farming on the one hand, and forestry on the other.

“Conversion to dairying increases nutrient loads on water; conversion to forestry does the opposite.”

So who is to blame?

The council and government only see dollar signs and do not listen to the concerns raised by industry experts. The dairy farming lobby groups have a strong grip around the neck of the country, led by a government which relies heavily on the farmers for re-election. The government is also attempting to alter the Resource Management Act, which of course would also have a devastating effect on the protection of water resources and the environment going forward.

Fresh water will soon be the new gold, and we need to have much tighter council and government regulation around what companies can profit from our aquifers, what levels of nitrates and pollution will be allowed in waterways and what projects will have resource priorities. The changing climate is also going to put heavy pressure on water in New Zealand as summer droughts become more common and water restrictions placed on every day New Zealanders while foreign companies and farmers still have full water resource consents.

The cost of not acting now is a future where our once pristine water needs to be treated before consuming in a country which has an abundance. Unfortunately there’s also an underlying mindset of greed and profit at any cost, filtered down from the government which is causing considerable damage to our environment. If concerns are not voiced now, the ability to provide sustainable fresh water to future generations will be lost.

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Wake Up NZ is a team of dedicated truth-seekers from all over New Zealand. We are committed to disseminating information that the mainstream media fails to bring to you.

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15 Responses

  1. Helena Z

    People of New Zealand, what actions are we going to take to stop and prevent this from happening in the future as well as secure our children’s existence in the future?????

  2. Helena Z

    I am really glad that I came across your website to learn the truth about our current government. Please try to advertise your website more and get New Zealenders who still care join you. I have lost all my respect for this government: letting in too many immigrants-especially from China-who most of them do not adapt or even speak English, and on top of it selling our natural resources to them? … China is spreading out its tenticles all over the world by buying farms, water resources and who knows what else to make sure its nation is going to survive in the future. Did you know that every 5th pig raised on farms in America is alredy owned by China? So what does our government do to secure New Zealanders existence in the future? The one who we are paying our hard earned taxes to?
    Now that we know the consequences of thei greedy actions, my questions are:
    What can we do to get back the resources that they already sold?
    How and who can put stop to these actions and prevent them in the future?
    What can we as public do to make the above happen?


    If there’s a petition goin against this ? If so add my details AGAINST the extraction. GREED is a sad reality.

  4. Zsolt

    It is not just our water. Commercial fishing rights were given away, we send our minerals and resources overseas, then buy the manufactured metals and products back at horrendous cost, Nz native kiwi fruit is now grown on a high scale in Brazil, and don’t get me started on the Auckland property market….. Wake up. Take your country back, before it’s too late.

  5. John Wood

    Why and how can Stupid idiotic Bureaucrats give away our natural resources to foreign interests without consultation or thought on how it affects this countries future growth and the land we live on. These people are criminals in my mind and should be held accountable for their stupidity.

  6. Joanna

    Stop the Chinese from taking over the water rights or we will have to buy water back from them when we run out. Or our children will. SUCKS they can take so much …. STOP now someone

  7. Kristiana

    Start a petition, get it moving around Facebook and other social media, I bet you’ll have a lot of New Zealanders backing you up!

  8. joe

    I’m saying NO to onepure.
    Not out of spite or greed but to help China to wake up, take care of their own resources and become self sufficient with their natural resources.
    You don’t poison and rape your part of the planet and then make billions by getting clean water from your Kiwi mates. So NO NO NO !!!!!

  9. Colin

    Wait excuse my ignorance but this story is a bit contradicting. How can “The council and government only see dollar signs” when it’s “taken at zero cost besides a tiny council resource consent”. According to Napier District Council (where this story is apparently from) it costs $822 to lodge a resource consent application. Is the $822 these dollar signs that they are seeing? Surely if they are only interested in money, as your story points out then they would be charging per litre? Not trying to take anything away from the story as the issue is still valid but why point to greed over money when the whole story is about them taking it for nothing?

    • Merino

      that may be the price but Im sure the greedy pigs are getting recompensed in one way or another

  10. jenny mabin

    this is so sad….i cannot even begin to voice an opinion…it speaks for itself…we need to stop supporting china in many ways…so that their pollution mark is less and they can leave our water here. Silly not too leave our resources here..and ludicrous to add additives to it as well….AAAAAAAAH….tell me why others cant look beyond today

  11. Trevor Mills

    The Key government and their corporate mates will not be satisfied at their means of profiteering greed from any resources available to them by any means, until such time as they have exhausted all available avenues of extracted product available to profitability for themselves.
    This is why the Key/Obama administration are trying to bring in the TPPA, designed to protect themselves from anyone who opposses their ludicris means of conducting profit before all else.
    Let them go ahead and sue the country for financial gain, what are they going to do for money when that’s been depleted? Just as they’re depleting our water supplies for profiting greed.
    Key and Obama need to be brought before court, to face accountability of their actions of abuse of political powers, tyranny, misrepresentation of service to the public, treason, war crimes.


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